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5 Things That Can Save Your Life in Las Vegas: Safety tips & tricks while traveling in Las Vegas, Nevada.
Time to pay attention!

Las Vegas is a destination that is on almost everyone's bucket lists. Famous for its world-class casinos, marvelous resorts, vibrant nightlife, and comfortable warm weather all year long, Vegas is a must-see location. However, just as with any popular metropolitan city, all of these upsides, come with downsides as well.

Staying safe is an important element to assure that your trip to Las Vegas is fun and successful. With all of the entertainment, flashy nightclubs, bright lights, and loud music in almost every direction in the city, that all comes with the reality of crime as well; such as theft, robbery, and violence. Despite all the risks, Las Vegas is a relatively safe city compared to some others in the United States (talking about you, Chicago), as long as your pay attention and make smart choices.

To keep you safe and happy during your next adventure to Sin City, we have gathered all the information you might need. Here are 5 things that can save your life and keep you safe while in Las Vegas.

1) Have A Plan
One of the safest things you can do on any Vegas trip is to have a plan. Before you leave your hotel for the night, know where you are going, have directions, and be sure not to wander around aimlessly. Knowing where you are can save your life in unfortunate situations. Additionally, if you and your group get split apart at any time, have a meeting pointing for everywhere to go at the end of the night.
2) Don’t Wander
Unless you have been to the city multiple times before and know where certain neighborhoods are, don’t wander too far away from the strip, especially at night. Once you venture past the crowds and tourist attractions, Vegas isn’t so flashy, and a lot less safe. Gang activity and violence is prevalent in multiple slums just a few blocks away from the strip. It is advised not to wander around alone after dark, and if you find yourself in a dimly lit area with few people, turn around and go back towards the lights and loud music.
3) Take Cars & Taxis
While the airport is extremely close to the strip and could easily be walked to on foot, this is not advised. The route to the strip from the airport is not pedestrian-friendly, and the neighborhoods on the way aren't so friendly. The are plenty of taxis, Ubers, and shuttle services available to take you where ever you need to go in the city, as well as a local bus system. Additionally, while adventuring around in the touristy areas on foot is okay during the day, spend a few extra dollars and take a taxi after the sun goes down.
4) Be Vigilant
Just as in any new city, it is extremely crucial to always be vigilant and aware of your surroundings. Keep an eye out for suspicious or odd behavior, stay alert, and always have an exit strategy planned in case things take a turn for the worst. Always keep your wits about you and stay alert when experiencing the city. And remember, always trust your gut. If something feels off, then more than likely it is.
5) Pace Yourself
Slow your roll and pace yourself; don’t party too hard. While it’s easy to let loose and go with the flow during your time in Las Vegas, try to always make smart choices. Many people come to Vegas to party, be themselves, and escape reality for a couple of days, and there's nothing wrong with that. But, keep in mind, too much alcohol can impair your decision-making, and be the cause of many horror stories, especially in Las Vegas. If you find yourself having a bit too much fun early in the night, slow down, pace yourself, and have a few glasses of water.
6) Gamble Discreetly
Spending a night or two out at the casino is a must-do on any Vegas trip. If you're feeling lucky, be sure to gamble discreetly and be mindful of risk on the casino floor. Never leave your slot machine before cashing out, always keep your winnings as a credit until you are ready to leave, never take your eyes off the chips at the blackjack tables, and most importantly, don’t be a show-off. Drawing attention to yourself is the best way for a gambling accident or incident to occur. If you win big, ask security to escort you to your room or car service and out of the casino safely.

While Las Vegas is an overall safe destination, it’s still important to do your research and travel smart! Whether you are traveling for business, a weekend getaway, a bachelor party, or a girl's trip, safety is always the most important factor. We hope that you have enjoyed this guide on how to stay safe while traveling in Las Vegas and that you remember these tips and tricks during your next visit.

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