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How To Avoid Getting Sick While On Vacation In Vegas
COVID, delta variant, beta variant, oh my! Our team gives you our best tips and trick to stay safe when visiting Vegas in 2021.
Safety First!
Vacationing in Las Vegas can be a really enjoyable experience. But if you are a tourist, you do need to have some safety measures on your mind. Below are some safety tips for tourists in Las Vegas. Also, VEGAS IS SCORCHING HOT so make sure to stay hydrated to the max!!! Most important over all!

*Please consult your doctor on dosage*
Tip #1: Zinc
Zinc is one of several vitamins that helps your body produce dopamine, a chemical that makes you feel motivated and enlivened. You can get a ton of benefits from taking zinc if you are taking medicines that lower your body's absorption of certain chemicals. We suggest taking Zinc a week prior to build your immune system and doesn't hurt to have on hand.
Tip #2: Be Careful who you Hook-up with
We understand the heat of the moment can be take over but remember to always do investigation to see if your partner for the weekend ( or forever) practices clean hygiene and hasn't been throwing up just prior to meeting you at your Vip section with friends. A good way to find out is to simply ask how the week was and how crazy the person that caught your eye usually gets!
Tip #3: Ginger
The physiological action of ginger is due to gingerol. Fresh ginger helps maintain the health of the digestive tract by stabilising gut bacteria. Dried ginger detoxifies the lung. For optimal effect, have as ginger lime juice.
Tip #4: Turmeric
For Tumeric, urcumin is the active ingredient which is responsible for its antiviral and anti-inflammatory properties. Freshly ground turmeric works better than store-bought powders, and should be consumed within three weeks. To maximize its benefit, have it with pepper. Cooking it in oil increases its bioavailability. Taking shots morning before you hit the pool is very vital to boosting your system before you break it down with Patron.
Tip #5: Don't Share Drinks With Strangers
We understand that you want to spread love and show everyone a good time but sharing drinks you really don't have to and it saves you a world of trouble. Remember that you never know what someone has done before they met you.
Tip #6: Keep A Mask On Deck
In Vegas when people are drunk they will definitely spit on you and this is a fact. Don't be afraid to whip out the mask and have them "Talk to the mask!"
That wraps up our safety tips! For latest Covid updates visit: Vegas Covid Update. Feel free to check out where to party in Vegas in our top lounges in Vegas
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