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How to get free bottle service in Las Vegas clubs in 2021
What are you talking about? Free?
Free What?
"Wait a second here man", you mean to tell me that in Las Vegas clubs you can get free bottle service that's worth around $800 after taxes for one freakin bottle BRO!!! I am here to tell you that this is true as the sky is blue and here is how my shocked and eager friend.

How does a comped bottle work at Vegas clubs?

First and foremost, a comped bottle is essentially a free table and bottle (a non-specific type of alcohol usually) that is offered on behalf of the nightclub to make the club look busier or in exchange for promotion due to a large social media following or what the club considers an "attractive" group to help paint the scenery and vibe of the venue. Women are the majority offered these because if there were no attractive faces to look at Mr. Pilar might not buy that extra champagne (there is a business side of this strategy).
Can a group of hot guys get a comped table?
HELL NO BRO!!!! LOL just kidding! On some occasions men can get a comped table but make sure that the ratio from men to women is around 1:5 with a great looking and fun group. Now clubs offer comp tables on what the call "industry" nights. These nights are usually on weekdays and are used mainly as promotional nights for the club to keep a buzz. For what clubs offer these and to be connected with a host to assist you in this feel free to reach out and give us an email at :
What comes with a comped bottle?
Same as a regular table: ice, mixers, busser, and server. For more info on what comes with bottle service I have a nice article right here for you my friends: Most up to date bottle service guide.
How many bottles come with a comp?
Although it is completely up to the venue how many you receive and what kind the bottle count usually is upon how many women are in the group but the majority of clubs is for every 6 women you get one bottle.
How much should I tip for the bottle?
A proper tip for the bottle would be $150 for each bottle. It's always good to be thankful and appreciative and an inside tip is if you keep the waitress happy, you keep the club happy.
How long will I have the table?
That all depends on how busy the venue is and how many tables are left. The point of the comp is to occupy the table until it gets sat to make the section look presentable to the venue standards. With this being said it can be anywhere from 30 minutes to the entire night! For more information on comped tables we have a video for you right here: Youtube
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