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Las Vegas Memorial Day Weekend Club Guide
Las Vegas best clubs for Memorial day weekend From EDM to Hip-Hop and more!
What Memorial Day is Like in Vegas?
One of the arguably busiest weeks to hit Vegas clubs! With that being said it is one of the most expensive for reservations in Vegas (No guestlist allowed). In this article, we will be detailing the best experience in the best clubs to go to and reserve a reservation at. If you are savvy and already know what you want you can book your club right here: Book my table now!

Additionally, if you don't know what bottle service is we have a guide right here that breaks down everything you need to know: Vegas bottle service information

On May 1st, COVID restrictions in Vegas will be loosened, we have a video here on that more: May 1st Vegas opening.

*Disclaimer*: pricing and DJs will not be announced before May 1st if any are allowed due to COVID restrictions. Feel free to contact us directly for updates*
Drai's Afterhours
What is Drais Afterhours?
Drais is hands down the best nighttime club for Hip-Hop with its dimly lit late-night party atmosphere with "luxe leather seating & private tables in swanky surrounds."
How to have the best experience at Drai's Afterhours?
The best experience and table location are the extra-large tables that can hold up to 12 guests. This section has a view of the entire venue and is the best section you can get for the night! Pricing for this section is usually $4,000, not including taxes and fees, on a regular night so expect the price to be double the amount for the holiday weekend. For more information on dress code, Drai's club rules, and Drai's pricing for any time feel free to check out our Drai's page
Tao Nightclub
What is Tao Nightclub?
At TAO Lounge in The Venetian, you might find yourself partying next to a celebrity on any given night. For more than a decade, the club has been a favorite of the most notable names in entertainment, music, and sports. Take in the sounds of the DJ from a VIP table on the dance floor, enjoy bottle service in one of eight private skyboxes overlooking the main room, or step out to the 40-foot terrace for views of the Las Vegas Strip. State-of-the-art sound and lighting systems create an all-encompassing experience matched only by TAO's unparalleled hospitality. For more information and to book a reservation feel free to check out our Tao page
How to have the best experience at Tao Nightclub?
The reason why Tao is right next to Drai's on this guide is that Tao usually plays Top 40 and Hip-Hop music more so at night than the other clubs we will get into further on this guide! We love the "Moat sections" in Tao and suggest getting two of these locations if you have a larger party. The Moat section is roped off in a VIP section overlooking the dance floor with a great view of the DJ performing!
Hakkasan Nightclub
What is Hakkasan Nightclub?
Hakkasan Las Vegas is a 10,000-square-foot experience located in the heart of the nightlife mecca. Located steps above the main dining room, the third level is adorned in soothing blue hues combined with a stunning custom LED media ribbon that wraps the perimeter of the ceiling creating an electrifying and breathtaking space. The club exudes a modern flow enhanced with 26 private seating areas sprawled across the room, a custom DJ booth, and two bars of illuminated blue glass and steel which all add to its sense of style and edge. Hakkasan is an EDM and top 40 Hip hop location.
How to have the best experience at Hakkasan Nightclub?
Hakkasan lounge's best tables would be the premium section located right beside the DJ booth area. In this section, you are right next to the DJ booth with a beautiful view of the dancefloor and the LED light show enchanting the club. These sections hold about 7 guests and with larger parties, we would suggest requesting two premium sections side by side under the DJ booth for the ultimate experience and most comfortable.
XS Nightclub
What is XS?
XS's massive inside and outside design are inspired by the "human curves" this place is bathed in gold and is an incredible sight to see and is often known as the number 1 Nightclub in Vegas from housing the likes of Drake, Chainsmokers, and Diplo! XS is mostly known for its mainstream top-tier talent roster and after May 1st we are certain this "Mega Club" will be back to its antics at the top of the food chain.
How to have the best experience at XS Nightclub?
Dancefloor tables in XS have a centered view of the DJ booth that has lights bouncing off a huge chandelier over the dancefloor that is way too expensive to go into detail here! XS lounge is in the main area of the club and the dancefloor table is the ultimate attention grabber for the weekend. For more information on XS lounge about table map, pricing, and club rules you can head to our XS page
What is Omnia?
Overlooking the action of the famed Las Vegas Strip, the outdoor terrace transports guests to the splendor of an outdoor escape with a splash of technological genius. Open-air mingles with modern luxury, with inset lighting in glass floor tiles pulsing to the beat from the LED-laced DJ booth. Omnia is most known for its EDM headliners and when the club is fully open its "rotating" chandelier is one of the coolest things I have ever seen in a club! Now do not take the Omnia terrace lightly because, in my opinion, it is the best rooftop club hands down in Vegas with breathtaking strip views.
How to have the best experience at Omnia?
The Rooftop Cabanas are a site to see and excellent for photos for the gram! These tables hold 6 guests and for larger parties, the tables are located next to each other so that makes it easier to be next to your guests and not too much hassle to have them next to each other. These Omnia tables are set up a bit higher than the usual tables.
Marquee Nightclub
What is Marquee Nightclub?
Marquee is known for its European-style deep house artist and having big Hip-Hop producer DJ Mustard. Marquee is known for its friendly staff that knows how to keep the party going especially if you're ordering champagne.

For more information on Marquee for table maps, Marquee bottle menu, and Marquee dress code you can check out our page here for that and a lot more: Marquee lounge.
How to have the best experience at Marquee Nightclub?
Marque second-tier dancefloor tables are the best because they have a lot more room than even the dancefloor tables and a nice touch is the elevated seating of it for a great view of the main stage area.
Daylight Beach Club
What is Daylight Beach Club?
Daylight Beach Club is the absolute best Hip-Hop pool in all of Las Vegas. With a sprawling 50,000 square feet of space; there's not a bad seat on the deck. Boasting a 4,400 square-foot main pool with two additional private pools for cabana guests, and table-side daybed service on the pool level, Daylight Beach Club is lit, so much so pre-covid they had the ground break "lit-Sundays" featuring artist such Rick Ross, City Girls, and Lil Baby.
How to have the best experience at Daylight Beach Club?
The Cabanas in this sunny venue are where all the action is located beside the poolside party pits. The Cabanas are separated by walls with a shared private pool and a daybed that comes with the cabana free of an extra charge!

This section is located at an angle that is centered so you can see across the pool and the main stage for your enjoyment! Now there is a more expensive location that is next to the DJ area (Bungalows) and has its own private pool and bathroom but for traveling down on Memorial Day weekend the majority of groups tend to be larger and purchasing two cabanas next to each other is a lot more comfortable than fitting that group into a Bungalow with 12 or more guests. For more information on Daylight operational hours, Daybed pricing, and location we have you set right here: Daylight
Encore Beach Club
What is Encore Beach Club?
Encore Beach Club is also known as "EBC" for short is Vegas's most luxurious and the most fun pool I have ever seen! This pool is built like a colosseum with cabanas overlooking daybeds in an ultra "curvy" pool that is in its center. Encore Beach Club has housed legends such as the NBA Lakers, Conor McGregor, and even Prince Harry!!!
How to have the best experience at Encore Beach Club?
Surprise! Surprise! For this venue, we feel the Lily Pads are the best experience because it's literally on the water with a great view of the stage! These daybeds come with umbrellas to cool off and at the central location with the best views you can get off this" EDM festival machine". For more information on all the locations with club, rules head over to our Encore Beach Club Info page
Marquee DayClub
What is Marquee Dayclub?
Marquee Dayclub is known to be the best rooftop pool party in Las Vegas with *360-degree views in what looks like a rooftop party if New York and Vegas pool parties had a love child. The highlight of this venue is the main pool and infinity pool Cabanas we will be getting to shortly.
How to have the best experience at Marquee Dayclub?
Drum roll! The Cabanas with the infinity pool is by far the eye grabber in this venue for that main reason and it being sectioned off so your VIP section stays "VIP". The Grand Cabanas holds a whopping ten people (unheard of nowadays) and comes with all the things a Vegas Cabana would like a T.V, a safe area for items, etc. For more information on Cosmopolitans crown pool our friendly neighborhood Marquee Nightclub page
Wet Republic
What is Wet Republic?
Las Vegas's running pool extravaganza is by far one of the most fun and largest as far as pool parties are considered in Las Vegas. 54,000 square-foot pool and deck encompasses sumptuous bungalows, relaxing cabanas, as well as breathtaking outdoor seating areas surrounding separate swimming pools and spas. The dayclub features a variety of musical talent spanning diverse genres for an all-inclusive daylife experience. Filled with interactive LED screens and luxurious finishes at every turng. "Wet" has had legends like Calvin Harris and Tiesto spin at its pool and what makes it popular besides its drop-dead gorgeous cocktail staff is how known this pool has become and everyone wants to go!
How to have the best experience at Wet Republic?
Hands down the new "remodeled" Bungalows are the most fun and spacious locations in the venue. The Bungalows at Wet Republic have their private pool that sits you a lot higher than the other sections in the venue! The key thing that sticks out is that it is the most spacious section in Las Vegas where you can relax and catch a game or turn full-throttle bottle savage with a blink of an eye. For more information on booking a Bungalow and the Club, rules feel free to check out our Wet Republic Page

That wraps up your guide for Memorial Day Weekend in Las Vegas. For more information about Vegas, you can subscribe to the latest Vegas Club updates on our YouTube page.
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