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The Top 3 Clubs for New Year's in Vegas 2020
3….2….1 Happy new year!!! Just because covid has, unfortunately, sit a damper on the world does not mean you cannot have a great time in a covid safe environment counting down the new year while having shots with like-minded individuals at a table over some of the DJs the world has to offer! So in this article( in no particular order) we are going to point you in the best direction to help you bring in the new year on a positive note.

** Due to high demands we suggest booking in advance feel free to email us at **
Suggestion #1
XS Lounge
Xs has to be one of the most beautiful clubs in all of Vegas, the entire club is bathed in gold as soon as you walk into one of the fanciest entrances we have ever seen. From there the entry wag leads to the dancefloor that has an elevated DJ booth above it controlling the heart-thumping atmosphere. If you are interested in booking please email us at.
XS Event Information
Xs will be a reservation based club with a mask required, it is located in the Encore hotel and casino. Let's get the rules out of the way first

XS Nightclub Management reserves the right to make the final decisions on any items restricted from entry to ensure the safety of all guests.

Guests who do not follow the directions of XS Nightclub may be asked to leave the venue.XS Nightclub has a zero-tolerance policy(drugs). Guests are required to comply with Venue and Resort policies at all times. Any guest found in violation of these policies may be asked to leave the Venue and/or Resort in Wynn Las Vegas Management's sole discretion and forfeits their right to any applicable refunds.
Best Table Location & Experience at XS Lounge for New Years:
lolWe love how spacious the upper dancefloor areas are, it also has a great view of the dj booth and easy easy access to the outside areas and restroom. These tables are priced at a 4,000 minimum alcohol spend not including tax. We also recommend an inside table, Xs does have very well priced outside tables that come with heating systems but, we see the best experience being inside of the venue with its lavish decoration and atmosphere.
Table Section Pricing for New Years:
Here below is the current table pricing, due to high demand not all sections will be Available and these prices do not include the tax, entertainment and gratuity charges of 12.75%, 8.375%, and 15% respectively. For further breakdown of this pricing feel free to email
Suggestion #2
Marquee Lounge
Marquee is located in Cosmopolitan hotel and casino, it is known for its dark inside atmosphere and intoxicating club vibe and led shows that have housed legends such as Nas, LMFAO (legendary party rock nights I have blacked out too) and DJ mustard just to name a few. Marquee has three different rooms with three different DJs bringing in the new year.
Marquee Event Information
Mask are required, relaxed and trendy attire acceptable. No torn, baggy or stained clothing. Athletic wear and clothing with offensive print are not acceptable. Management reserves all rights to determine appropriate attire must be 21 years of age.
Best Table Location & Experience at Marquee Lounge for New Years:
The large prime main room sections out of the three rooms is out favorite although the outside of marquee is absolutely beautiful we choose this section because it is spacious (we are big on space) and it has an excellent view of the led show with DJ and all. You cannot get much better than this location and it's not far from the restroom area. These areas also are located in prime area so service is really top notch in these areas! Large prime room tables start at a 5,000 alcohol minimum not including tax and 6-10 guest are allowed in this area and we all know now-a-days that's a real honor with everything going on. For reservations please email us at
Table Section Pricing for New Years:
The below minimums do not include the 38.1% tax and gratuity fee. Marquee has three rooms but, in this article we are showing you the best of the best to bring in your new year! For information on what else Marquee has to offer feel free to email us at
Suggestion #3
Tao Lounge
The legendary and iconic Vegas nightclub located in world known Venetian Hotel and Casino that has set countless numbers of trends and has housed the likes of Kim Kardashian and Snoop Dogg just to name a few. Tao is a two story nightclub that has two separate rooms with an Asian-fusion timeless setting.
Best Table Location & Experience at Tao Lounge for New Years:
Dance floor is arguably the best location priced at 3,000 (great deal compared to the other two) it holds up to 6 guest and is located very close to DJ booth and is dead smack in all the action. Tao lounge has a 36% tax and gratuity of charge. That wraps up are article on the best hotspots to attend for the new year! Remember to stay safe and for more updates on Vegas New Year's Eve feel free to check out this site for latest news and updates regarding times of curfew and COVID updates.
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