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Top Clubs You Can Have Fun At With No Table In Vegas
Number 3 is a club with info that will surprise you
I Don't Need a Table in Vegas?
Nope! You are still allowed to have fun so help, you God! In this article, we are going to give you (in no particular order) the top places in Las Vegas where you can go and not feel like a peasant for being on a guestlist or buying general admission.
XS Nightclub
XS is arguably the best Nightclub in the city! The reason why it mentioned is that it's massive with an outside and inside area that gives you room to take a couple laps because it's so massive you won't feel like a schlum walking around trying to find the love of your life! I also must add that this club is stunningly beautiful and it makes it an excellent choice to meet that possible significant other or, just that "one time in Vegas" memory.
When is the Best Time to go to XS?
Friday and Saturday are the most popular days! For more information check out XS Information
Marquee Nightclub
Located in the ever so-poppin casino Cosmopolitan Las Vegas Marquee Nightclub is another venue that ads inside and outside experiences! Marquee inside area is pretty straight forward hit the dance floor in a bug circle concept just as any other club but the big shebang on this one is the outside that's on a rooftop that is truly a must-see if in Vegas.
When is the Best Time to go to Marquee?
The best to go is Friday for mostly EDM and Saturday open format. If you are in town in summer Sunday night for a night swim. To book your trip at Marquee here is the information you will need my child of the night!: Marquee Nightclub Information.
Lavo Party Brunch
Now, this is a surprise, right? A place that's only open in Fall that is based mainly on dining at brunch with tables? So why did you pick this place? BECAUSE ITS F**King WILDMAN! It starts at 2 pm and ends at 6 pm it's always mainly an attractive party crowd that for some reason is more female-dominated than usual. Lavo doesn't have a dance area but that's it… The party is everywhere! There is also a nice outside location to catch a breather from dancing. Now as a pro-tip we highly encourage you to order a large order at the bar as the bar lines can belong! To heavy get treated "heavy" ???? catch my drift there?
When is the Best Time to go to Lavo Party Brunch?
Only open on sat at 2pm! For more info here is a nice article for you on Lavo Party Brunch which you can find here!
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